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Clutch Disk - ACT 4 Puck 4AGE - Rat2 Motorsports

Clutch Disk - ACT 4 Puck 4AGE

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Input Spline Quantity:21

Input Shaft Diameter:0.937 in.

Disc Diameter (in):8.346 in.

Disc Diameter (mm):212mm

Disc Material:Ceramic

Disc Style:4-paddle, unsprung hub


ACT race clutch discs are available in three distinct styles. Spring-centered discs are the most popular and feature reduced driveline shock and spline wear with quieter operation. Rigid-hub versions offer improved durability, but increase gear noise and spline wear. For either of those hub designs, you can choose six pads for better heat management and engagement; or four pads for the quickest shifting. Sintered iron discs offer the highest torque capacity and ultra-high heat capacity. They are designed for cars using clutchless shifting or drag racing transmissions.

Features and benefits include:

* Premium ceramic friction materials provide high-heat tolerance, high coefficient of friction, and low wear rates
* Friction pads are measured, sorted, and matched to ensure uniform disc thickness
* Carefully broached splines provide exact fit onto the transmission input shaft for long spline life and better clutch release
* Thicker retainer stampings for increased strength and reliability
* Carefully selected, top-grade rivets securely fasten the disc together
* Spring retainers feature wraparound spring windows that provide support and reduce stress concentrations—a common cause of failure
* Heavy-duty torsional dampening springs are provided in the best sizes and spring rates
* Drive plates made of high-carbon steel; heat-treated and black zinc coated to resist bending, cracking, fatigue, and rusting
* Precision stampings are manufactured using dedicated tooling for quality and consistency
* Most spring-centered discs use bushings and cone springs to reduce noise and extend clutch life
* Certified to SFI Specification 1.1 

This is for the 212mm Flywheel on AW11 4AGE/4AGZE 87-89 cars

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