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Brake Pads EBC High Performance - Rat2 Motorsports

Brake Pads EBC High Performance

$ 74.95

EBC brake pads are among the best in the industry for providing improved stopping power in a stock brake system. Please choose the color which is best suited for your driving habits. Most drivers choose EBC Red Pads for their wide range of use which still providing a noticeable improvement from stock pads.

This is a set of pads for all SW20 models.


Ultimax:  These “Black Stuff” pads are EBC’s OEM replacements.  If you’re restrained enough to keep your pedal-stomping on the track and only want something for your tame and casual daily driver, these are your pads.  This doesn’t mean, however, that they’re not an improvement over the factory pads.  Remember those steel fibers we discussed above?  You’ll find them in Ultimax pads, but only if you look closely enough.  Where many pads contain up to 50% steel fibers, Ultimax have no more than 4%.  Not 40, not 14.  Four. That means a better grip, longer rotor life, and less corrosive dust.

Green Stuff:  One step up from OEM, you might call Green Stuff pads a performance street formula.  Not at home on the track, they’re polite, best suited for aggressive daily drivers, offering a softer pedal feel and low to medium dust.  They come in three varieties: 2000 Series, for small, lightweight, low-hp vehicles that generate less heat; 6000 Series, for commuting SUVs and light trucks; and 7000 Series, a higher-end version of the 6000.

Red Stuff:  This is EBC’s flagship pad, probably because it’s so versatile.  This is the best pad for larger, heavier cars, and those with more than 200 hp.  If you own a muscle car, drive it aggressively, and occasionally take it to the track, this is probably your pad.  Red Stuff pads do have a slight bedding period, after which they’ll be more than quiet enough for the street, and they generate almost no dust, being completely free of steel fibers.

Yellow Stuff:  Here EBC pulled the friction and wear string a little further along.  Yellow Stuff pads are designed to get hotter and work better at those temperatures.  Remember, heat makes friction.  There are two variations of Yellow Stuff, one for cars up to truck weight, and one for Trucks and SUVs.  Yellow Stuff pads, in either variety, are formulated to heat faster, so they’re perfect for the track, but tackle the street well, too.  They’re a favorite among British police. 

Blue Stuff:  EBC calls their Blue Stuff pads a track pad that can be used for the street.  They follow the same model as the Yellow Stuff, with more friction and more wear.  These are ideal for the heavy, no nonsense rigors of the track.  EBC has also found them to be extremely effective on performance SUVs such as the Porsche Cayenne and the BMW X5.  James Hallet, EBC’s vice president, even uses them on his Lexus SUV, and found them a massive improvement over the OE pads.  EBC is quick to point out that Blue Stuff pads may not work well with older, single caliper systems, and is much better suited to a racing setup.  Unfortunately, we don’t offer Blue Stuff at the moment, but check back often.

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