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HKS Turbo Timer - Rat2 Motorsports - 1

HKS Turbo Timer

$ 139.95

Allowing your turbo to cool down after a hard run or going uphill will prolong engine turbo life by allowing the oil in the return line to cool. This cooling ensures no oil becomes clogged in the hose, restricting future oil flow. Especially useful on cars which boost higher than stock, turbo timers are a nice piece of insurance for your turbo. The HKS turbo timer also includes useful features such as a timer, RPM gauge, speed, and voltage displays. This timer can work in fully automatic mode, decide how long the car should stay on for you, or a manual mode, allowing you to set the idle time yourself.

Purchasing the HKS adapter specific for your car will make install super easy and hassle free.

This product also comes with free shipping!

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