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Perrin Manual Boost Controller - Rat2 Motorsports

Perrin Manual Boost Controller

$ 119.95

The Perrin manual boost controller is an in-line design that allows you to adjust the boost level by effectively shortening or lengthening the boost controller body. The モtwist-to-adjustヤ body incorporates a custom wound internal progressive rate spring and ceramic ball for boost management. Set it and let go - an o-ring holds your boost adjustment in place right where you left it.

With it's ball and spring design, all boost pressure is prevented from reaching the wastegate actuator until boost reaches the level you have set. Then, and only then, does the boost signal pass to the actuator signaling the wastegate to open. This makes for a fast-spooling turbocharger.

The body is machined from 6061 aluminum hex rod stock and has red anodized finish. The manufacturer includes six feet of vacuum line and installation instructions.

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