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Relay, General Automotive - Rat2 Motorsports

Relay, General Automotive

$ 5.95

Do the job right with automotive rated power switching relays designed to switch up to 30 amps continuous current. Perfect for aftermarket fog lights or cooling fan systems. This normally open and normally closed relay allows you to safely switch high current sources. Its removable stainless steel mounting tab allows for ease of mounting in nearly any location.


Mounting Hole Diameter: 5.3 +-0.2mm

Coil Voltage: 12VDC

Coil Current: 133.3mA

Coil Turn on Voltage: 7.8VDC

Coil Power: 1.6W

Coil Resistance: 90ohms

Contact Rating (Current): 30A

Switching Time (Operate): 8ms

Switching Time (Release): 5ms

Rated Operating Temperature: -40C ~ 85C


Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Maximum Make Current: 90A @ 16VDC

Maximum Break Current: 40A @ 16VDC (Resistive Load)

Maximum Continuous Current: 40A @ 23C, 35A @ 85C

Maximum Voltage insulation: 500V

Expected Life: 100,000 Operations @ 40A, 14VDC Resistive Load on Normally Open Contact 

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