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Short Block Rebuild

$ 240.00

If you need to rebuild your engines bottom end, look no further. We specialize in 4AGE, 3SGTE, and 1ZZFE/2ZZGE motors. If you bring us your shot block we can rebuild it with what ever new parts you wish to use. Bottom end rebuilds all include the following:

-Removal of all parts and accessories

-Cleaned and prepped for inspection

-Check deck surface for straightness

-Deck block if necessary ($60)

-Re-Hone Cylinder Walls for new rings

-Install new main and rod bearings (if nessesary)

-Install new piston rings

-Install all new seals and gaskets

-Install oil pan, pump, and all other accessories


*Our price is for labor only and any necessary parts such as gaskets and rings must either be supplied at the time of drop off or paid for in addition to labor at time of pickup.


*Pick up and drop off service available to local customers. ($.50 per mile round trip from Duvall, WA 98019)

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