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Exhaust Manifold - DOC Race Topmount - Rat2 Motorsports

Exhaust Manifold - DOC Race Topmount

$ 999.95

For those in need of fitting large turbos on the 3SGTE Gen2, this hand built exhaust manifold will allow for nearly any size turbo. Full stainless steel construction, this manifold maximizes flow while retaining its durability and strength. Comes with a Rat2 Motorsports lifetime warranty.

This manifold is for the 3SGTE Gen2 motors.


From DOC:

Will fit up to GT30R w/o removal of oem power brace

-Retains use of oil filter in stock location

-Flanged for T3 or VBand

- MVS (38mm V-band) wastegate only

-Fits Celica All-trac with Oil Filter Relocation

The DOC Race Topmount Turbo manifold is for the more extreme setup looking for the potential limit of the vehicles engine. The DOC Topmount manifold can still be used for “streetable” vehicles, but is solely designed to make maximum horsepower and allow you to fit much larger frame turbo’s then our traditional bottom-mounts. D.O.C. still applies our elaborate porting process to complement maximum flow within ALL of our manifold

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