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TurboXS Manual Boost Controller - Rat2 Motorsports

TurboXS Manual Boost Controller

$ 129.95

Unlike the TurboXS Standard Boost Controller which is strictly a bleeder-type boost controller, this TurboXS High Performance Boost Controller modelutilizes a unique "dual control" method for boost control. It employs both ball-and-spring and bleeder methods. This model is TurboXS's ball-and-spring type boost controller. 

It's primary control method is of ball and spring design. As is typical to ball and spring design, this keeps all pressure off the wastegate until the "dialed in" boost level is achieved, allowing it to stay closed longer which affords faster turbocharger spool up. Once the primary ball and spring method allows the boost signal to "pass", a secondary control bleeder is then utilized for fine boost control adjustments.

Rated to 30+ PSI above wastegate spring setting.

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