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Water Neck - Rat2 2GR Modified - Rat2 Motorsports

Water Neck - Rat2 2GR Modified

$ 189.95

Similar to the modified water necks on the Gen4 3SGTE we have been doing for some time now, this is a factory 2GR water neck with a water neck and sensor port welded onto it to make 2GR the cooling system work in the MR2.

The 2GR utilizes a radiator cap on the radiator in the factory Rav4, Sienna, and Highlander, etc. applications. This modification is the easiest way to get the cooling system ready to roll in your MR2 where the front radiator cap is not an option.

An added bonus with this water neck is the relocation of the radiator cap to the water neck itself and off the strut tower (the factory RM2 location) which cleans up your engine bay and makes things a little simpler, with fewer hoses to leak.

*Our cost includes a brand new Toyota part as a core. If you would like to send in your use core, we will refund you $40. 

  • TIG welded
  • Made from a brand new Toyota water neck, no core needed!
  • Comes with Radiator Cap
  • Comes with New Sensors (Factory MR2 Turbo gauge Temperature Sensor: Toyota Part 83420-20020 or equivalent and factory 2GR sensor for the ECU: 89422-33030 or equivalent)
  • Oil Cooler Option Available

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