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2GR Full Swap Package

2GRFE Toyota MR2 Swap Service



The 2GR is the biggest and best engine for your car! Made entirely out of aluminum, the 3.5-liter engine is extremely light weight for its size compared to the older 3S iron blocks. With modern features such as coil over plug ignition, 4 cam VVT-i and 21st-century ECU programming/tuning, these engines make more power NA than any of the factory 3SGTE engines, without any turbo lag. This swap, with the manifolds and intake, make on average 280 wheel horsepower with over 220lb/ft at 1800 RPM! There is no other package like this around!

SOUND CLIP of the 2GR!

SW20 2GRFE Swap $7995+

  • Low mileage 2GR-FE 
  • Rat2 Modified Water Neck
  • Plug and play re-wiring into your existing chassis
  • Rat2 3" cold intake with cone filter
  • Rat2 Exhaust Manifolds (Upgradable to tubular headers)
  • Rat2 Y-Pipe (needs additional fabrication to bolt to your exhaust)
  • Custom Fuel Lines
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
  • Rat2 Axle Carrier (E153)
  • Rat2 Motor Mount
  • Rat2 Throttle Pedal Adapter w/ Throttle Pedal
  • Rat2 Tach Adapter
  • Non-Immobilized ECU
  • Coolant flush/refill 
  • Full synthetic oil and OEM filter


AW11 2GRFE Swap $8,499+

This swap package contains all of the pieces as the SW20 swap but with some slight additions. Mounting the engine in the AW11 chassis requires all 4 engine mounts be replaced with custom engine mounts as well as some hammering of the engine bay for clearance. Let us help you make your AW11 the best it can be with the best engine for it!  


ZZW30 2GRFE Swap $11,995+

This swap package contains all of the pieces as the SW20 swap but with some additions. Mounting the engine in the ZZW30 chassis requires all 4 engine mounts be replaced with custom engine mounts as well as some considerable hammering of the engine bay for clearance. We also need to integrate the factory dash with the 2GR engine.

4Runner/Toyota Truck 2GRFE Swap $8,995+

If you are looking to replace your old V6 or 4-Cylinder in your Toyota truck, look no further. Take advantage of the lighter, more powerful 2GR engine and gain modern technology and fuel efficiency.

Tune-up Package FREE

Now included with all swap, the Tune Up Package includes timing Cover Seal, front crank, and rear crank seals, water pump w/ gasket, valve cover gasket, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, oil pan gaskets where needed, output shaft seals, new alternator, VVT/oil cooler hardline conversion, AND powder coated valve covers of ANY color!

AC Package $1,495

This package includes everything to get AC working in your MR2. A brand new AC compressor, belt, R134 conversion, custom AC lines to bolt up to the factory MR2 line modified or changed.

  • New compressor
  • Custom AC lines (no modification to MR2)
  • R134 conversion
  • Charge/testing

This price assumed the AC system comes into the shop functioning and ready for use. A broken or non functioning system will take more time/labor to get working. 

Stand Alone ECU $3,895+

If you want to build your 2GR, 3SGTE, or any swap to make big horsepower or if you just want a few extra features like built-in launch control, traction control, boost by gear...  we have a plug and play standalone kit for you! We run LINK ecus when we need custom tuning stock ECUS can't handle. This add on package includes the wiring and ECU for a LINK Fury ecu, with custom Rat2 tuned maps to get you running on your NA, turbo, or the supercharged setup. On all tunes, especially boosted applications, you will need additional tuning for your setup by a professional tuner, but our base maps will get your car started and driving. 


TURBO KIT  $ 3,995+

Our in house 2GRFE turbo kits are custom built for your desired results. From small, quick spooling twin turbos to single, large horsepower setups, we can build it all for you. This kit a base price for a standard T3/T4 hybrid Borg Warner turbo with all the exhaust work and intercooler. Every kit is custom designed with you, the customer to come up with the best performance/functionality for your application. Custom setups are welcome.

  • Turbo 
  • Oil Lines
  • Water Lines
  • Custom Stainless Headers
  • Downpipe
  • Intercooler Kit
  • Intake

Our kit does not include some parts which you may need to add such as a flywheel, clutch kit, fuel pump, ext. Depending on your existing setup these cost may or may not be needed. Additional work may be required if you chassis needs additional work to be "swap ready".


We do not supply engines ourselves, so we either need a core from you or we can source engines from local suppliers on your behalf. We can work with you to choose the right engine for you if needed. We cover all our work and services we perform along with backing our test bench data of engines, but we do not cover any part of the engine itself under warranty. 

*Customer sources engine and transmission. Swap price include budget for sourcing an engine, but engines are not sold through Rat2 Motorsports.

*We use whichever transmission/axles you bring us (E153 Recommended for all swaps)

*Basic swap does not include functional AC (available as an extra) 

*Down payments are non-refundable 

 Please contact us with ANY questions!


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