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Gen4/5 Swap Package

Full Gen4/5 Engine Swap $4495 / MK1.5 $4995

-Low mileage JDM Gen4/5 3SGTE

-Modified Water Neck

-Plug and play re-wiring into your existing chassis

-3" cold intake with cone filter

-Gen4/5 Downpipe

-Custom Fuel Lines

-Coolant flush/refill 

-Full synthetic oil and OEM filter

-AW11 SWAP +$500

-Rat2 Motor Mounts

-Coolant Hoses

-You supply transmission and axles (we can source for you if needed)


-Replacement seals, gaskets, timing belt, clutch etc. as necessary with OEM parts (extra per part)  *$295 for the "tune-up package" which includes OEM cam, front crank, and rear crank seals, timing belt, water pump, valve cover gasket, spark plugs, PCV grommet, and optional valve cover paint.

-Side mount intercooler kit with custom piping (+$395)

-We use whichever transmission/axles you bring us